Art gallery in Zürich

The concept of the gallery was inspired by several bright examples important for Swiss art - artists Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and Emma Kunz, as well as the painterly activity of Carl Jung. Spirituality used to be quite rarely represented in contemporary art, but with the recent expansion of spiritual practices in the mainstream, it starts to become more common. A mixture of healing and art, symbolism and mysticism - that’s what inspires us. No matter in which cultural, religious, or esoteric tradition. Seekers in the art are interesting to us when they can produce not only art for art's sake, but bring high vibes into their art while still maintaining professionalism.

We have a special focus on spirituality in contemporary art.

  • we kindly recommend you to call in advance to check if we are open in time you want to visit us, but feel free to try without call as well
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Gallery events
December 8 18:00-22:00
vernissage of 'Energy Fields'
PHOTO CREDITS: Zia Anastasia
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