Leandra Agazzi

Born in 1994 in Zurich, Leandra Agazzi studied at the Zurich University of the Arts in the Bachelor’s program Fine Arts and is currently in the Master’s program also in Fine Arts. In her installation and sculptural works, she combines craft techniques and natural materials that have their own ‘history’ with digital contemporary themes. A playful dialogue between organic and technical processes rubs shoulders in the works. The installation Care Less, 2021 was awarded the Ivan Ladislav Galeta Prize at the International Student Biennial in Split. She is the founder and administrator of Offspace Flüelastrasse in Zurich. In the context of the exhibition at La Fraise Gallery she shows three wallsculptures made of swiss antic wood.
These wall sculptures are built from antique wood. Antique wood, is the wood marked by time and environment, treated without chemicals, kept natural and clean. This wood comes from a spruce that grew at 1300 meters above sea level, in the swiss mountains. Then this wood was used as a stable to shelter the animals on the alp for more the 100 years.

values: trees, nature, Switzerland

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