The ‘’art-of-orma’’ is a conceptual artwork from Jonas Stephan Schuler. He’s a 30 year old male artist based in Zürich. Since more than ten years he’s been studying, observing and creating art in several sorts and work with different instruments. Around 2017 he developed his very own style of drawing and begun to mix the process of drawing with the process of observing his emotional inner parts such as fear, shame, proudness, happiness, biases, thought pattern and even the way he once learned to decide what’s good and what’s bad.
In his exhibitions he mainly connects german poems with his drawings, soon they will also be available in English. Beside, the concept of ‘’Orma’’ (only righteous mastering arts), shows many ways to reduce the production of industrial made materials. Instead of buying new supplies he is recycling all the materials he needs; from surfaces to draw on, to selfmade colors which were reproduced by leftovers, to frames he save from disposal..
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