Georg Jagunov

Georg Jagunov (b.1984) was born in Russia, spend his childhood in Belarus and moved to Denmark in 1998. He had studied in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copehagen (2005-2011). His works are present in several collections including collection of Oliver Gustav and Faurschou foundation.

Georg Jagunov is a multidisciplinary artist, moss gardener and flint lover. He lives and works in Denmark. For the last 5 years Georg has been working on creating indoor biotope installations (i.e. Geosanctuaries).
Join us for a journey into the ancient worlds of green and hidden geochemical realms.

These enclosed micro-landscapes refer to 80 million year old flint formations, the post-glacial landscapes of Northern Europe, prehistoric archeology and ancient mythology of Denmark. Wandering into a landscape to find elements for his installations is an essential part of Jagunov’s artistic practice. The artist aims to create spaces for contemplation and focus, which help us to reconnect with our inner ecology and rediscover geological and biological domains that have been around for many millions of years.

The interdisciplinary practice behind the biotope installations is being developed in collaboration with experts from various scientific and creative fields. The amount of light and moisture inside a Geosanctuary is controlled via a programmable system to create optimal conditions for mosses and plants. While primarily working with local (North European) material, Jagunov’s installations draw inspiration from Zen gardens and other Japanese techniques of arranging stones, mosses and plants.

values: nature, zen, North Europe

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