Jelena Januskevic

Jelena Januskevic is a creator and artist based in Basel. She focused on the craft of visual storytelling and art direction in Mixed Reality.
Building on Creativity, Curiosity and Love for Learning, she is truly inspired to design virtual worlds and determined to transform any thought, story or concept into a pure visual language.
Jelena is the founder of Colibri XR GmbH. She exhibits her Virtual Reality artwork in the Colibri XR Immersive Art Gallery. The gallery is dedicated to promoting compassion, growing empathy, caring and kindness through virtual reality art. It is the room to listen to the stories told by drawings, soak into creative energy all around you, explore like children with their crayons, feel the joy of colours, tap into the power of feelings and emotions, fill the space with soul warming creations ... experience art with purpose.
HTC VIVE®, the global leader in premium virtual reality, named Jelena as one of 2022’s Top 100 VR Social influencers from around the world who are leading the evolution of the VR industry, from gaming enthusiasts to product reviewers, and designers to technology industry commentators.

Jelena produced Colibri XR Immersive Art gallery where her art is playable in virtual reality accompanied by music and voice over.
Three different stories are told in her paintings - Part 1 "Estrella. The Gift" is the illustrated story inspired by the ancient Inca traditions, the mystical world of the Q‘ero shamans from the sacred valley of Peruvian Andes.
Part 2 "The River and The Clouds" and Part 3 "Pebble Meditation" are inspired by Zen Master, a poet and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.

values: zen, shamanism

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