Artist duo
Art group was formed in 2022. The DNA of the team is a combination of tech (Dimi Kalyn is a software engineer in Google), contemporary art (Victoria Marchenkova is a practicing artist for more than 10 years) and common interest in spirituality.
Artists have a dream of sustainable and ecological island, shelter from stressful reality. The ecosystem of the island will include floating auto-generated platforms cleaning ocean from oil and plastic, insect and plant farms.
We show the installation of the first prototypes on the way to the New Earth consisting of recycled plastic island with hydroponic plants, insect farms and temples converting spiritual energy to electricity. Floating auto-generated platforms will clean the ocean from plastic and oil. After the rituals in the installation, we noticed the power of electric fishes, it was a time-breakthrough to the ocean existed here before.

values: New Earth, electricity, sustainability, ecology

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