Anonimous tribal art

Anonymous Kenyan and presumably Nigerian artists
There are two objects of anonymous tribal art presented in 'Portals; exhibition. The first one is a Malindi Mask of Kenya origin. Masks is decorated with clay, hemp or raffia, cows teeth, and all natural pigments. This mask was used to scare away evil spirits.

The second object is a wooden sculpture of two heads presumably from Nigeria. It depicts two persons of different tribes or lineages - it can be seen by lines - scars on their face. Facial scarification is common for Nigeria and some other African regions, it was banned in 2003 by a federal law. Marks on the head above is indigenous to the Bor Dinka people of South Sudan. It is said that this marking was used as an indicator of a male child belonging to a particular lineage. The same mark can belong to The Dinka tribe. Their tribal marks are comprised of several lines carved on the forehead on each side ultimately forming a V shape. This is done to signify the transition from a boy to a man; if the boy screams or shows signs of being in pain, he is characterized as being weak.

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